Nutrition talk: Eat to beat Diabetes


Do you have insulin resistance, pre-diabetes or diabetes? Come and get the latest dietary advice on diabetes management and lifestyle and take charge of you health. As dietitians we are the experts when it comes to nutritional advice and putting science into practice. We will present you with a talk on the necessary lifestyle changes [...]

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By Nicola Mostert RD(SA) Open Day - Body Weight Analysis and Health Check 4 September 2019 from 09:00 - 14:00. OUR TEAM OF 4 DIETITIANS WANTS TO WELCOME YOU! Come and meet us at our beautiful offices at Dynarc House, above Augusta Grill. We will be serving a healthy drink and some delicious [...]


Testing your Genes: Why Not?


Testing your Genes: Why Not? By Dr Androulla Philippou RD, PhD In April 2003, the Human Genome Project was completed, and with genetic sequencing becoming an affordable practice, scientists began exploring the world of nutrigenomics. The aim of nutrigenomics assessments is to provide us with insight into your personalised dietary and lifestyle needs [...]

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