Practice Terms & Conditions

Please ask us, at the practice if you, the patient, do not understand any of the clauses below.


1. Fees are set according to the following principles:
1.1. This Practice bills according to a billing policy.
1.2. The terms and tariffs applicable to medical scheme patients vary from scheme to scheme, and even from option to option (plan to plan). You have to obtain those details from your scheme.
1.3. Our fees cover your Practice visit (i.e. the consultation) and any equipment or medicines used in the consultation.
1.4. Our fees exclude the costs of the hospital (admission, ward, theatre and other fees), anaesthetists, pathologists (for blood tests), radiologists (for X-rays and scans) and therapists involved in your care.

2. Please note that the cost of healthcare sometimes depends on how your body reacts to treatments and/or operations. The law allows us to step in to save your life, or to prevent or reduce harm to you. We will charge for the costs of this

3. All accounts must be settled within 30 calender days of the date on the account. If you have not received an account from us within 30 days, please let the practice know immediately.

4. By choosing the Practice, you –
4.1. Consent to us submitting the account to your medical scheme. This does not mean that the scheme has received the account or that they accept liability. Please confirm that with them.
4.2. If you do not want any particular account to be submitted to your medical scheme, please let us know before you leave the practice, otherwise the provisions of 4.1. will apply (i.e. we will submit to the scheme)
4.3. Membership (principal member or beneficiary) must be valid at the date of healthcare delivery.

5. You, if you are an adult, remain personally and fully liable to settle the full account, irrespective of whether your scheme gave pre-authorisation, pay in full, or not. This also applies if you are a dependent on someone else’s medical scheme.

6. If your account is not paid after the 30 calender we will give, in terms of the National Credit Act, notice of 20 working days and if you fail to settle the account within 10 days, we will undertake debt collection processes. This may result in you having a bad credit record. We will charge the maximum amount of 2% interest per month on all outstanding accounts. You will be responsible for all costs relating to the debt collecting.

7. If you feel that your medical scheme should have paid in full, you can lay a complaint at the Council for Medical Schemes by fax: (086) 673 2466 or by using this weblink: assistance/complaintsprocedure/

8. Although we will do our best to render the services at the time we set, sometimes a previous patient may require a longer time or an emergency has to get preferences. By agreeing to our services, you agree to this uncertainty. We will, if possible, inform you if we run late.

9. We do accept communication by email/whatsapp/SMS

10. If you need urgent assistance or advice, please go to the nearest emergency room.


11. The practice aims to ensure that all complaints and concerns are addressed appropriately and expeditiously. When something is a concern or problematic, use the practice’s complaints policy and form (available from reception) The practice urges all persons to use this avenue before taking any action at any external entity.


12. This document constitutes a contractual agreement by the practice to protect all personal information.

13. We will use your information only in relation to your healthcare In general, we keep all your information confidential, also when you are a child over the age of 12. We can only release information with your written consent, even if a family member requests the information. Please use our standard consent to disclosure form available at reception to authorise disclosures.

14. Our accounts people, and those submitting accounts and follow-ups with medical schemes or the Compensation Fund, are “operators” and are bound by the same strict privacy criteria as we are.

15. The law compels us to disclose your personal information under certain circumstances, and by agreeing to our services, you acknowledge this legal duty that we have to disclose:
15.1. To your medical scheme: a diagnostic code and details of the treatment and/or operation, so that the scheme can evaluate whether it falls within your benefits.
15.2. The Compensation Commission / Road Accident Fund: they require full claims information.
15.3. To referring and other healthcare professionals: Information that is necessary and in your best interest, in terms of the National Health Act.

16. Some medical schemes provide all information on all the dependents on a scheme to the principal (main) member. We are not liable for any personal information disclosed as a result of the scheme’s practices.


17. You confirm that you understand that in healthcare results cannot be guaranteed. Results also depend on how one’s body reacts to the treatment and/or operations.

18. You confirm that you understand that your own behaviour or that of a child or dependent may affect the outcome of the healthcare received. You agree to follow the instructions provided to you by the healthcare professionals and/or come for follow-ups, etc. If you do not do this, you undertake to not hold the Practice and its staff liable for any negative consequence. (initial)


19. You confirm that you understand that, as a parent or legal guardian, you are legally liable to cover the cost of your child’s healthcare, even where the Children’s Act allows the child to provide consent to treatment without parental consent (children 12 – 18 years who understand the implications of the care/treatment). There is a special legal dispensation and forms that must be used in cases of operations on children.


20. Pharmacy- and health legislation prevents us from taking back and refund any medicines or equipment.

21. If there is a quality or performance fault with the goods, we will contact the supplier, who will deal with the matter.


22. You must adhere to the rules of the Practice and any instructions given to you by staff or healthcare professionals.

23. You have the right to ask questions and to have them answered. If you do not ask any questions, we will assume that you have understood everything and are fine with everything.

24. You and/or your family or other persons that come to the Practice should not harass the healthcare professionals and staff. They must be treated with respect. If not, we are allowed by law to refuse to treat- or to continue to treat you or your children. In such cases we will refer you to another Practice.

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