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I think that Nicola is an excellent dietitian. The eating plan that she planned for me, helped me to loose weight and to gain muscle (with the help of moderate strengh training) and to lower my blood triglyserides. I highly recommend her! If I could, I would give her more than 5 stars! 🤩

By competing in the Winter 6-week weight loss challenge, I lost just over 5 kilograms, in 6 weeks. Nicola was amazing. She encouraged me, supported me & checked in on a regular basis.

Being in Durban, I was concerned how it would work, but she went out of her way to make it work, all the way from George.

I learned so much & I am excited to continue my journey to happy, healthy living, even after the challenge.

Thank you 4LifeLiving!

What do you do if you are diagnosed with a life-threatening liver disease? You trust your competent doctor and his team, swallow your handful of pills daily and find a competent dietitian, someone like NICOLA MOSTERT. Her entry into the team was very timely. I appreciate her friendly professionalism, genuine interest and regular communication with my doctor. The diet that Nicola worked out for me is highly successful. My weight increased by 12kg, I feel physically stronger and was therefore able to reduce my medication. Thank you very much again. Dr Daan Spies

I was weighing 88.7 kg when I went to a doctor for a check up for a blood test, that is when I was unexpectedly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I already had high blood pressure and cholesterol, and the doctor admitted me to hospital so she can keep an eye on me. This was on the 14th of July. I knew that I had been living very unhealthy, eating too much junk food, too much cool drinks and not exercising at all. I was put on chronic medication and referred to the dietitian, Nicola Mostert RD. My dietitians orders were simple, I need to change my lifestyle right away. It turns out that I had managed to get my blood sugar down to a normal level. It started dropping to close to 4 so my dietitian took me off the insulin medication for a trial period and up to now, I no longer need insulin. I only test once a day before breakfast. This all happened in a period of 3 – 4 weeks.

Following a doctor’s visit, I was faced with a life changing decision. Being referred to 4Life Living Dietitians, I remained sceptical as I tried various diets in the past to curb weight gain, but to no avail.

I embarked on this journey with nothing to lose but either my life, or weight. The meal plan prescribed by my dietitian seemed difficult at first, but once you get going it is quite simple to follow. Interesting observations I discovered was that my taste of certain foods changed. I could eat food I avoided in the past, discovered new dishes & menus that became my new favourites, but more importantly- I lost weight, to levels I weighed +/- 15 years ago and my blood pressure measured at the lowest it has ever been. I could also wear clothes with comfort which I had been avoiding because of being overweight.

Physically i started feeling energised, not having a problem with daily exercise and able to get more things done. What I have learned is that if you can stick it out for forty days and more, this life changing way of eating becomes a habit – a very good one. Lord willing, I will continue this way until my time is up and I go to be with my Lord and Saviour.

If I can do it, anyone can do it! Blessings

I lost 15 Kg in 5 months and received excellent guidance, advice and support from Nicola from 4Life Living during the lifestyle change. I started by injecting 108 units of insulin and now use zero. My eating plan is now part of my daily existence. The change and benefits of my new lifestyle are hard to put into words. Thank you Nicola.

According to me there are 3 reasons to lose weight successfully. 1. Faith. 2. Willpower. 3. GOOD DIETITIAN. Dr Britz referred me to Nicola 14 Sept 2018. I was very skeptical but went. Within 4 months I have 30 kg of skin left and my whole life and lifestyle has changed. I would like to take credit for this, but most of the credit must go to Nicola. The way she supports you is incredible….and her insight and people knowledge very good. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own skin with a professional dietician. Left with a positive vibe knowing it is possible. I know I can do it I just need the expertise to keep the train on the track.

I was referred to Nicola after struggling to lose weight and then suffering a TIA. Nicola gently guided me to a better, easy to maintain diet and some serious weight loss. In addition, she’s has saved me money by advising the correct supplements for my needs. Nicola is always available for a quick answer to a problem, and is constantly encouraging as I strive to maintain peak health for my aging body. Add to this the charming service she and her colleagues give, I wonder why I didn’t go earlier.

Cross paths with Nicola at the beginning of the year. Myself a type 2 diabetic with insulin dependence at almost 100 units per day. After 5 months a new person with no insulin and sugar levels stable at an average of 5.5. Furthermore, almost 20 kilograms lighter after 5 months. Without your help and guidance Nicola it would have been absolutely impossible. You deserve your 5 stars THANK YOU SO MUCH

My name is Arno Boshoff. I am a 53 year old man and also a Type 2 Diabetic. My path crossed with Nicola when I was hospitalized in June 2018 after struggling with diarrhea for 5 years. It was constant 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I got so weak and weighed only 53kg. Nicola was through my internist and took over my eating plan. Put me on TPN for 3 weeks and worked out a whole new eating plan. After only 3 weeks I was discharged, my albumins and protein counts started to pick up. I have been diarrhea free for a year now and currently she is helping me build muscle mass. I can recommend her with the greatest joy. Arno

Such a positive experience! Changing to a healthier lifestyle has never been easier. The guidance and support received from Sumarie Pieterse is unparalleled. Truly professional and friendly service and just a general good vibe the moment you step inside. Highly recommended!

I am Angela Calitz from Oudtshoorn and this is my story of a miracle

I was just a happy 46 year old overweight woman (98kg) with 2 beautiful daughters and loving husband. 3 June 2017 that morning at just after 6am I woke up to a sharp pain as if my stomach wants to run. I did go to the bathroom. The pain didn’t go away and just got worse as if I had gallstones but it couldn’t be as I had my gallbladder removed a month earlier. This pain was excruciating. I started vomiting and eventually there was nothing coming out. My husband rushed me to the Doctors rooms and I was admitted to Oudtshoorn Mediclinic. The whole time I had a bucket with me as I was vomiting and foaming at the mouth and growling with pain. Sitting on the hospital bed the last words were to my mother “I’m busy dying” I can’t remember anything after that.

Months later I found out what happened. I was kept for observation and the 4 June early morning I lost consciousness and the Doctor and nursing staff had to resuscitate me and my life was almost cut short. It took the doctor 40 odd min to get me conscious and then they had to stabilize me for transport to George Mediclinic. In that time my husband was call to hospital. I was transported to George mediclinic and was met by a wonderful surgeon Dr Leonie Schoeman. Only once I was in theatre was she able to see what was so seriously wrong. I had a blood clot in my arteries in my small intestine. This stopped the blood blow in my small intestine and it turned gangrene and started disintegrating. This also infected the rest of my organs in my body.

After surgery I was left with only 23cm of small intestine. A normal intestine is about 6 meters. My family was told if I survive, I will probably never eat again and will always be on a drip. I was in ICU in an induced coma for 2 ½ weeks with almost every monitor and machine keeping me alive. After being brought out of the induced coma my journey of a new person and new lifestyle began. I was assigned a wonderful dietitian, Danine.

Danine and doctor worked together making sure I get the correct and best meds and food to keep me alive during this ordeal. I was given TPN and Peptamine. I was also assigned a physiotherapist to strengthen my lungs and muscles from being immobile during this time I had become almost paralyzed. I had to learn how to walk again. Danine my dietitian had to explain to me how a body functions normally and how my body functions now.

This was a total mind shift for me. It was very important for me to understand what is wrong and how to deal with it in the future. I was also told that I am also lactose intolerant. My stools would never be normal and will always have diarrhoea. She brought me many pamphlets and eating plans to assist me with food choices for my future. After a month and a half in ICU I was finally moved to general ward where I had to recover and was shown how to look after myself. Every day Danine would visit and ask me how I was doing and I would ask questions and had time to discuss my progress.

In this time I was eating more food and experimenting. My Peptimine (digested food via stomach feeding tube) was changed to semi digested food, Nova source GI Forte. I was also taking less TPN. After almost 5 months in hospital I was transferred to Oudtshoorn Mediclinic and would only sleep there to take my TPN and stomach feed. 2 weeks later I was able to go home with all my own monitors and could care for myself at home. I now had to cook for my family and for myself. This was a great challenge but my family stood by me throughout the entire time.

I had Danine on whats app and would daily send her messages of my weight, progress and any questions. I was determined to make this work. After 8 months I was taken off TPN and just had stomach feed. 2 years later I no longer needed my stomach feed and now take a shake. I now, almost 3 years later, am living an almost normal life. I’m eating a lot more food varieties and cycle, swim and take the dogs for walks, work in the house and garden. My weight is a stable 68kg. If you take doctors and dietitians orders literally, you will overcome anything.

Thanks to all the hospital staff, therapists and my wonderful dietitian and Doctors, without them I would not be alive today.

My journey on being diagnosed with diabetes

I am 66 years of age and have always been fairly healthy. I am 1,89 meters tall and I weighed just on 100 kgs for the last 5 years. In the beginning of 2019 I started losing weight and developed a constant thirst. I thought it best to get myself properly diagnosed so I went to my local doctor. My blood sugar level was 27,4 and the Doctor sent me straight to hospital. I was in hospital for 3 days until they were able to stabilise my blood sugar. When I left the hospital the glucose sugar reading was 8,9 and the physician recommend that I first see a dietician. That was the first time I met Nicola who became my partner in managing my diabetes.

When I left the hospital I was injecting myself daily with 40ml of insulin and taking Metformin twice daily. Nicola was of immense help in using diet and exercise to control my sugar levels. I indicated that my goal was to get off the insulin injections. With her assistance and recommended diet I had my blood sugar stabilised at an average of 5,2 within 3 months. She recommended that I wear a patch for 2 weeks, which would monitor the blood sugar levels 24 hours a day before I stop the insulin injections.

I am happy to say that I have not had any insulin injections in the last 3 months and my blood sugar level is stable at 5,2 without any spikes. My energy levels have been great and all of this can be attributed to Nicola’s diet management regime of LCHF.

Following years of bloatedness and increased weight gain I was referred by Dr van Rooyen to 4 Life Living Dietitians Nicola Mostert.

I was devastated to hear that I was on the road to type 2 diabetes and a bucket load of other conditions if I did not change my lifestyle. I had learned that I needed to lose about 20kg in order to reverse this diagnoses.

What a mountain to climb… i know after years of struggling with weight loss diets that this is no small project. I can still remember my first appointment I was in tears when I drove home thinking that this was not achievable. But Nicola broke the elephant down into manageable chunks without me even noticing by setting short term goals and helping me to focus on them rather than the Big Elephant.

I am now 7 months down the line with evidence to show that seeing and following Nicola’s plan and guidelines has truly delivered results. Initially the goal was to lose the kg’s and get the diabetes under control… now it is about maintaining the long term healthy lifestyle which is surprisingly easy to do!!! My health and life has been changed by this and would recommend all I know with similar problems to embrace the change.

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