The best project you will ever work on is YOU.

It is important to remember that YOU are unique with health needs and taste preferences specific to you. We extend our services into more than one setting. We provide one on one consultations with individuals or families, in person or online. Our online business has grown over the past 4 years and we can now help all South Africans all over the country (and even those living abroad). We invest a lot of our labour and time into corporate wellness events assisting companies to determine their employees’ health status or providing health and nutrition education. We also collaborate with medical aid schemes like Discovery Health, Gems, Momentum, Bestmed, Medihelp and Polmed in helping their members become healthier by incentivizing their health achievements through the various Wellness Programmes.

You can also check out our HEALTH TOPICS section on our website: In it we cover a range of health topics, from healthy eating to specific diseases and conditions and how diet plays a role in it. Learn more about a each specific health topic and download our informative PDF documents related to that topic. 

You can also visit our SHOP where you can have access to all our PDF documents as well as Supplements to support you in your health journey.  

Individual Consultations

As dietitians we are clinically trained, which means we offer a comprehensive dietetic service to people who are both healthy and have underlying serious medical conditions that require diet therapy and modification. Consultations are provided in person at our state of the art offices or online via Zoom, Whatsapp or Skype.  Online consultations will be limited to qualification criteria, which means we cannot treat those with serious underlying health conditions online.  Contact us to make sure you qualify. You will complete a form beforehand which will tell us if we will be able to help you to the best of our abilities via an online session.

This is where a full dietary assessment (Anthropometry (weight/height/bodyfat percentage/circumferences), Biochemistry (blood work), Clinical and Diet history and Analysis) will take place. We get to know you better and we also look at those areas that we identify for you and you know you may need to work on. We determine goals and objectives and give you advice on small changes you may need to make without disrupting your family or work life. Throughout our sessions we aim to empower you with knowledge on how your body functions, your pre-existing condition and how nutrition can improve your quality of life.

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These differ from person to person. Generally, an individualized meal plan will be handed out to you. We use an easy guide as a reference providing you with a framework to allow you to follow a meal plan that suits you. Further assessments and education will also take place.  We help you how to go shopping and what to look out for on the millions of food products available on the market tailored to your specific dietary requirements. We also discuss whether you may need some supplementation or review your micro nutrient intake in full. A follow-up consultation is strongly recommended.


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Individuals will be invited to attend group sessions of 6 – 12 members. The main aim of group sessions is to facilitate group assisted learning and communication, where individuals may benefit from each other within a support network. Here, the dietitian will only act as a facilitator. The group therefore learns from one another, sharing ideas, support and camaraderie.


Habits of individual family members affect those living in the same household whether they are good or bad. We learn from our family members the culture, traditions and habits that determine our food behaviour. We eat together as families. Food consumption is part of any household’s daily routine, so it is therefore important for us as dietitians to pull together the whole family and all its vital members when it comes to nutritional therapy. Having a strong support system at home can be beneficial in achieving most of your health and lifestyle goals.  We urge people not to cook for themselves a separate meal but rather incorporate everyone in the same household. Our offices allow enough space to accommodate 6 + family members, but we can also do a home visit if needs be in the George/Oudtshoorn area. Online sessions can also be made available.


We offer cooking classes in our dietetic practice to individuals and small groups. As dietitians we have a strong foodie background. How can we tell people what to eat if we do not understand the science and art of cooking real, healthy AND tasty food? A state of the art, modern, yet basic demo kitchen, is located within our office in George with magnificent views of the Moederkerk and Outeniqua mountains.

We don’t believe in gimmicks and fancy things! We take you on a journey of understanding all the fundamentals of cooking, how to plan and shop for meals, stock your pantry and fridge with affordable and healthy options and cooking nutritious meals for yourself and your family.

Putting the science of meal planning into practice can be a daunting task, but cooking for your family or for just one, must be easy and enjoyable. We invite you, your family and friends to join us. We also offer classes for domestic workers.

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational  excellence for lunch and pretty much everything for dinner” – Peter Drucker

We provide comprehensive corporate wellness programmes and events. From assessing the health status of your employees to interventions like biggest loser competitions or organizing “health days” to empower employees and broaden their health motivation and knowledge. A healthy human capital can only strengthen your company creating a culture of healthier more productive employees.

These are a list of services that we can provide to your company.

Diet and Nutrition Counselling is Available:

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