You can add vine tomatoes to basically just about anything… From salads and vegetable dishes or just as is, the sweet-sour taste of warm or cooled tomatoes uplifts just about any dish you are having.

You can buy them from any grocer, I normally buy mine at Checkers. So whenever I go there, I usually stock up on a 2 -3 punnets. They are about R20 each. 


Vine tomatoes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Some salt and pepper to taste


Put in over proof dish or baking tray. You can also line your tray with some tin foil to save on some difficult dishwashing in the end. Bake at 160 degrees Celcius for about 25 minutes. Tossing the tomatoes in the oven every 10 minutes.

Serve with salads, veggies, meat dishes or just as is… Enjoy!

Nicola (4Life Living Dietitian)