Have these at your favourite braai or just as a vegan option with a salad.

Makes about 4 large skewers.

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes


400 g Portebellini Mushrooms (You can use any kind of mushroom that you can lay your hands on though)

1 Large Red Onion, cut into wedges

15 Bay Leaves

2 Large Cloves of Garlic, crushed and finely chopped (I always use fresh garlic only!)

1/2 tsp of Cayenne Pepper

3 tsp ml Paprika (Try get a smoked paprika – Which you can buy at Woolies)

1.5 tsp Ground Cumin (This gives that extra tangy spiced taste to the recipe)

1 tsp Fresh Black Pepper

1 tsp Roasted Coriander seeds

Juice of one lemon or lime

60 ml Olive Oil

30 ml Balsamic reduction

Assorted Fresh Herbs


1. Clean mushrooms (See Below: How to clean mushrooms the right way and cut off the stems.) Add the mushrooms to the onions and the Bay Leaves on a baking tray. Combine the spices, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil and add it to the mushrooms. You can also add some sea salt flakes and marinate for 30 mins.

2. Make the kebabs: Put the onion, mushrooms and bay leaves onto a sosatie skewer. You can use wood or metal ones.

3. Cook the kebabs: Preheat oven to 220 °C – and on the roasting setting of your oven. Roast the skewers for around 15 minutes, turn and roast another 15 minutes. You can also braai (bbq) the skewers on nice warm coals .

4. Now add the Balsamic Reduction over the cooked mushrooms for a little bit of sweet. You can add some fresh baby spinach, pomegranate seeds, baby tomatoes, Greek Yoghurt to it and it is even nice with Hummus.


  • ENERGY: 190 kcals (797kJ)

  • PROTEIN: 3.62

  • CARBOHYDRATES: 15 g (If you leave out the Balsamic Reduction, there will be very little carbs in this recipe!)

  • FAT: 14 g (This mostly comes from the olive oil marinade)


There are two schools of thoughts here: The one is: Not to wash but rather to brush your mushrooms. The other is to wash whole mushrooms with water before you cook it. I do a little of both depending on the type of mushroom and how I buy them. MY TIP: Always clean mushrooms. Remember they are from the ground. So you don’t want to eat dirt – for various health reasons! Put mushrooms in a colander or a salad spinner. Rinse under a running tap of water for about 30 seconds. Strain all water, take a damp cloth and wipe each individual mushroom clean. You can also use a soft brush. Rinse again under a tap for about 30 seconds. And pat dry with a dish cloth. Remember, whole mushrooms won’t absorb much fluid, but cut mushrooms will. Mushrooms consists of about 80% water so they won’t absorb copious amounts of water like most people believe. Also: Wash your mushrooms right before you are going to use them as they can become slimy if you wash them and store them for a long time before you are actually going to use them. Another tip of mine is always to buy whole mushrooms.



Nicola (4Life Living Dietitian)