We are a team of dietitians
Clinical Nutrition Experts
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How we support you:

Individual Consultations

Group Sessions

Family Nutrition

Corporate Wellness

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Meet the Team

Nicola Mostert RD

Founder & Clinical Dietitian

Danine Lamprecht RD(SA)

Clinical Dietitian

Dr Androulla Philippou RD(SA)

Clinical Dietitian

Simone Howe RD(SA)

Clinical Dietitian

Michaela van der Merwe RD(SA)


Daniela Shaw RD(SA)

Clinical Dietitian

Andiswa Sokupe

Practice Manager

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Are you ready to change your relationship with food?

Healthy living is not just a diet.

As dietitians, we work with you to help you understand the role that food plays in your overall health. Your diet doesn’t have to cause you stress or frustration. We believe in a holistic approach, helping you simplify your health goals using flexible eating, mindful eating, intuitive eating and macronutrient timing. We also help you identify key barriers in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to overcome them with a practical and S.M.A.R.T approach.

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