Diet and Nutrition Counseling is Available:


We provide online nutritional coaching and support to clients who cannot get away from the office or stay in faraway places.

We use Skype or FaceTime to connect with you on an appointment basis. Online consultations will be limited to qualification criteria.

You will complete a form beforehand which will tell us if we will be able to help you to the best of our abilities via an online session.


Ongoing support and monitoring is often necessary for us to stay in touch with you whether we conduct weekly voice calls.

We are also available via whatsapp  or sms for you if you would like to know something from us and for your support, although this service will be only available to excisting customers and members.


Whether you send your weekly food diary to us or just staying in touch with us, email provides us with an excellent tool to keep in touch with you and share loads of interesting and useful information.

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We love to make you feel welcome!

Visit one of our consulting rooms for individual nutritional coaching and counselling with one of our expertly trained dietitians by appointment only.

Sessions are very private and we are proud of the look and feel of our rooms.

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