Brand as your OWN: Bundle of 30 Diet Sheets


Upgrade your dietitian toolkit with our exclusive offer! Purchase 30 brand-new, customizable diet sheets bundled together, and make them your own to better serve your clients’ nutritional needs.
This comprehensive bundle, priced at just R12 500, empowers you to provide personalized dietary guidance like never before.
Elevate your practice and deliver exceptional value to your clients with our Diet Sheets Bundle today!
Creating these diet sheets took us a lifetime to compile. Years of dedication, research, and experience have gone into crafting these comprehensive resources. Our team of expert dietitians at 4Life Living Dietitians has painstakingly gathered and distilled the most valuable insights, up-to-date research, and practical recommendations to help you offer the best possible guidance to your clients.


We understand the complexity of individual dietary needs and the evolving science of nutrition, which is why we continuously refine and update our diet sheets to ensure they reflect the latest knowledge. Trust in our expertise and let these meticulously curated diet sheets be your trusted resource in delivering top-notch dietary advice.

What’s your will find in this bundle of diet sheets:

  1. Dietitian Approved Weight Loss Guidelines and 28 a meal plan
  2. Healthy Eating for Type 1 Diabetes
  3. Healthy Eating for Type 2 Diabetes
  4. Healthy Eating for Insulin Resistance
  5. Healthy Eating for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
  6. Healthy Eating and Cholesterol
  7. Healthy Eating and Hypothyroidism
  8. Healthy Eating for Chronic Kidney Disease
  9. Healthy Eating for Nephrotic Syndrome
  10. Healthy Eating for Dialysis
  11. Renal Exchange Lists
  12. Dietary Guidelines for Optimal Gut Health
  13. Dietary Guidelines for Constipation
  14. Dietary Guidelines for Diarrhoea
  15. Healthy Eating for IBS
  16. Healthy Eating for IBD
  17. Dietary Guidelines for a Bland Diet
  18. Coping with Cancer: A Guide to Boost Your Body
  19. Healthy Eating for a Soft Diet
  20. Healthy Eating for a Puree Diet
  21. Healthy Eating and Liver Guidelines
  22. Healthy Eating and Liver Cirrhosis
  23. Healthy Eating and Autoimmune Hepatitis
  24. Healthy Eating for Coeliacs Disease
  25. Healthy Eating for Sport and Fitness
  26. Healthy Eating for Infants 6 – 12 months
  27. Healthy Eating for Toddlers
  28. Healthy Eating for Children 2 – 6 years
  29. Healthy Eating for Children 6 – 12 years
  30. Healthy Eating for Teenagers
To create one of these diet sheets will easily take you days or weeks, and because we understand that time is money, they are now available to you to download and Brand as your OWN in your practice, with a click of a button, you can customize all of them using the much loved Canva Pro app.
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